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Professional, affordable English language editing


We offer English language editing services for scholars, scientists, and engineers.


English editing

We will correct your English. You will be matched with a native English language scholar with an advanced degree. Your editor will focus primarily on checking your spelling and grammar and helping you improve the flow and organization of your writing. Send us your academic manuscripts, journal articles, books, grants, or dissertations.


English editing + consultation

An expert in your field will provide advanced manuscript review and consultation in addition to the basic English language editing services provided with Standard services. This service is intended to improve the scholarly quality of your manuscript and further increase the likelihood that it will be accepted in higher impact factor journals.


We tailor prices for English editing and scholarly consultation

Standard Rate

English editing

Premium Rate

English editing + consultation and subject expert review


Cooperation over competition


Our editors and their credentials are always directly available for our clients. Our compensation to editors is also transparent.


Our editors have advanced degrees in diverse fields. You can be confident that your writing is being handled by the best people.

Alternative Enterprise

Ocean Editors is not obligated to maximize profit for shareholders. This empowers us to provide clients with lower prices and simultaneously provide better compensation for our respected editors.


Why Ocean Editors is an alternative enterprise

  • Traditional English language editing companies charge high prices to clients, while their editors receive low compensation.

  • ...but editors have the skills and credentials that make these companies valuable. Why aren't editors paid appropriately?

  • The profit maximization obligation of traditional businesses forces traditional enterprises to pay their editors low percentages to create an artificial surplus for owners.

  • Instead, our purpose is to connect clients with editors while operating with low overhead and low profit. Our social model is better for clients, journals, and our editors, and is more sustainable, more efficient, and more competitive.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

    We avoided traditional investment to pursue an alternative economy — in our interest, in your interest.

Our Team

Our team includes experienced editors, scholars and developers

Marc Bogonovich, Ph.D.

Founder, Editor, CEO

STEM fields, Evolution, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Botany, Open source, OER, Education. Mastodon ID.

Jeff Melton, Ph.D.

Founder, Editor

Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, General Science
Member, Editorial Freelancers Association

Joy Shayne Laughter

Editor, +20 years experience

Book proposals, Grants, Web copy, Educational textbook copy, Film development proposals, Radio scripts, Journalism, Humanities, Memoirs

Qian Dai


David Bogonovich

Senior Advisor

Thomas Marshalek, J.D.


Computers, Politics, Environment, Sustainability, Business, Popular Science, Policy, Law, Education, Music

Collin Jay Pfender, M.A.


Ethics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Linguistics (English and Spanish)

Janet Banks, Ph.D.


Psychology, Social Sciences, Behavioral medicine

Rebecca Mahan, M.A.


ESL, Geography, General, Resumes, Personal statements, Scholarship essays, Psychology, Anthropology, Telecommunications, Art History

As the client, you can contact our editors directly. We are looking for new editors to join our team.


What our customers are saying:

“Excellent, thorough and fast - Felt like I learn more about scholarly writing from the edits and comments. Thank you.”

“Dr. Melton’s editing was phenomenal. The attention to detail was beyond what I had anticipated. Thank you so very much for your assistance with my dissertation!”

“I usually don't rate or leave reviews but such an excellent editor! Really tries to work with you rather than leaving some vague comments like ‘what does this mean? I don't understand this.’ Highly recommend!”

“I am so thankful to find an editor that is open and honest. Amazing work, very detailed, and honest. Best editor I have ever had!”

“I truly recommend him especially to the one who needs considerable and professional editing service. He read and checked my essay very carefully, and I was able to see that I got heartfelt advice. He knows the way to put contents into an essay and organize paragraphs, in accordance with intentions. I WILL ask him to edit my future writing too.”

“Very detailed orientated and high knowledge of statistics. Thanks for your suggestions and edits!”

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 Ocean Editors

Ocean·Editors is an English manuscript editing service. Our purpose is to provide customers with lower prices and editors with higher pay by keeping overhead and profit very low.

Ocean·Editors is an E2C enterprise that operates democratically and will exit as a full worker cooperative.